2016 – Year in Review

2016, like 2015, was a challenging year for Soilwater as a result of the continued downturn of the mining industry. Although this is the case, 2016 was also a very successful year for Soilwater, having formed strong relationships with several new clients and establishing strategic partnerships with other key businesses. Most notably in 2016, Soilwater won the contract to complete the first two Mining Rehabilitation Fund (MRF) projects in Western Australia – the Black Diamond Mine Rehabilitation and Ellendale Diamond Mine TSF stabilisation work. Both projects were very competitive and our success highlights Soilwater as industry leaders in Mine Rehabilitation and Closure. In addition, Soilwater played a key role in Vimy Resources obtaining Ministerial Approval for the Mulga Rock Uranium Project, which will be the first uranium mine in Western Australia. All of our staff worked tirelessly on this project completing a range of baseline environmental studies and preparing the Mine Closure Plan and Environmental Management Plans for the Project. Soilwater were also heavily involved in the Yeelirrie Uranium Project to be developed by Cameco Australia, and we have now been involved in all three uranium projects in Western Australia, highlighting Soilwater’s expertise in the uranium industry.

Soilwater have also teamed-up with Woodman Environmental Consultants to complete the environmental studies, PER and secondary approvals for the expansion of the Ravensthorpe Nickel Operation. This project will run into 2017 and will extend the nickel operations well into the future. 2016 was also a big year in the environmental approvals space, with Soilwater completing secondary approvals (Mining Proposal, Mine Closure Plan and Project Management Plan) for a range of clients across iron ore, mineral sands, gold, nickel and quarrying. We also completed detailed landform evolution modelling (LEM) and cover system modelling for the Tropicana Gold Mine and Vimy Resources, hydrogeological and TSF seepage analysis for Minjar Resources and acid sulphate soil (ASS) review for Tronox’s Cooljarloo Minesite.

2016 saw Soilwater team-up with Ecologia so that we can now provide the full environmental service, from initial baseline flora/vegetation and fauna studies to closure planning and monitoring, under the one roof. This partnership provides significant cost and time benefits to clients and positions Soilwater/Ecologia as the dominant environmental consultancy in Western Australia. Soilwater have also teamed-up with Mine Site Construction Services (MSCS) who provide a range of mining and earthmoving services. In this partnership Soilwater provide the technical guidance to facilitate mining and earthmoving, and this has significant cost benefits to clients as it avoids double-handling of material and ensure rehabilitation and closure success.

At the ‘Mines and Money London 2016’ conference there was an upbeat mood regarding the mining industry in 2017, and Soilwater are looking forward to, and are well positioned to, capitalise on this improved outlook.

We hope all of our clients have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and we look forward to 2017.

The Soilwater Team

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