Adam Pratt’s Mining Workshop on Groundwater Dependent System

Adam Pratt’s Mining Workshop on Groundwater Dependent System

November 2017

Adam Pratt (Director and Principal Soil Scientist) presented at today’s Australasian Land and Groundwater Association (ALGA) morning workshop on “Do you know what a Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem is?”

Soilwater have extensive experience in investigating GDE’s throughout Western Australia and have developed a cost effective and accurate approach to identifying GDE’s and establishing their dependence on groundwater (or the class of GDE). This approach, which relies on knowing the water retention properties of the soil (measured in our in-house soils laboratory), and estimates of plant water use requirements, can be used to effectively manage GDE’s and their risk of impact, and mitigate potential impacts in response to disturbance.

If you need help in identifying GDE’s or in managing the risk and magnitude of potential impacts, please contact us.

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