Soilwater Team Joins the 2018 Oxfam Trailwaker Event

Soilwater has entered a team of four in the 2018 Oxfam Trailwalker event to be held in October. Yes, we may be quite insane…but at least it’s for a very good cause.
We will be walking 100km, through the Perth hills over a weekend to raise money for some of the great Oxfam projects that aim to reduce global poverty. They do some really cool stuff, here’s a link if you are curious

So this is a blatant appeal for cash. If you are able to spare a few dollars, we would really appreciate the support. This is also a good time to donate given it’s the end of the Financial Year, and you can claim the deduction in your tax returns!
The link below is our team homepage where you can see our team members and support crew, make donations, see our updates, our regret and fear…

I believe there is a space where you can make comments to support and motivate us or you can mock our questionable decision making too.

Thanks heaps in advance if you are able to contribute, the funds that each team can raise goes directly to Oxfam to invest in saving and improving lives.



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