SW Designing Cover Systems in Africa

SW Designing Cover Systems in Africa

Soilwater Groups Senior Scientist Sam Collins recently returned from Eritrea where we have been engaged to assist at a large precious and base metal volcanogenic massive sulphide mine, in production of gold, silver, copper and zinc since 2011.

Sam and the Soilwater team are designing cover systems to minimise oxidation and generation of Acid and Metalliferous Drainage (AMD) from the PAG waste.

A store-release cover system, constructed using Non-Acid Generating (NAG) waste rock is required to minimise seepage into the PAG waste and restrict oxidation of sulphidic minerals.

The cover system must form part of an overall stable waste dump design to ensure long-term geochemical, geotechnical and geomorphic stability.
Soilwater will use landform evolution modeling to determine stability and develop an appropriate monitoring plan that can be managed by the project staff on site.

Sam is also developing a procedure and training package to monitor the progress of identified key rehabilitation success criteria against site-specific closure goals.

We are excited to be part of this project and to contribute our extensive technical experience which will ensure the highest environmental standards are applied to the operation and closure planning.

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