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The Soilwater Group (SWG) is a multidisciplinary environment consultancy servicing the mining, agriculture, infrastructure and development sectors.  We consist of a dynamic and motivated team of earth science professionals, with over 20 years’ experience throughout Australia and internationally.  Our goal is to achieve future growth and development in an environmentally responsible manner.

To achieve our goal SWG consists of:

Soilwater Consultants (SWC) is the consulting arm of SWG housing a team of experienced engineers and scientists.

Soilwater Analysis (SWA) is the analysis arm of SWG providing commercial environmental laboratory services for soil, rock, concrete and water testing.

Soilwater Technologies (SWT) research arm of SWG developing future solutions for environmental management.

The integration of these businesses enables Soilwater to provide cost-effective total package solutions to clients’ needs and challenges.


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