Soilwater Analysis Projects

In addition to routine measurement of material physical, chemical, hydraulic and geotechnical properties, Soilwater Analysis (SWA) have undertaken the following range of projects highlighting our diverse capabilities:

  • Sediment release and water quality investigation for potential ocean deposition of waste rock materials (Koolan Island).
  • Calibration of soil moisture monitoring probes for the Western Australian Department of Water (DoW).
  • Thermal resistivity testing of backfill materials for utility companies including Western Power, Cable Layers Australia and Underground Services.
  • Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS) for all of Iluka Resources Deposits on the Swan Coastal Plain (SCP).
  • Geochemical characterisation of waste rock material for numerous gold, nickel, copper and iron ore companies throughout Western Australia.
  • Rhizotron (root growth) studies for Iluka Resources to establish the limitations of various backfill materials for root exploration and growth.
  • Long-term kinetic testing of waste rock materials, using column leach and humidity cells, for several gold and iron ore mining companies in Western Australia.
  • Moisture retention testing of stockpiled iron ore for Rio Tinto and Brockman Resources.
  • Pore size distribution and total porosity of various iron ore lithologies to predict moisture contents of mined ore following dewatering and during cyclonic rainfall events (Iron Ore Holdings and Brockman Resources).
  • Field measurement of soil compaction levels beneath earthmoving equipment, including Dump Trucks, Dozers, Scrappers and Carry Graders (Barrick Gold Australia and Iluka Resources).
  • Soil moisture measurements using tensiometers installed in large soil cores to monitor and assess wetting and drying fronts in native profiles.
  • Field and laboratory-scale lysimeter studies to accurately measure the water balance in surface soils in various climatic regions.
  • Installation and monitoring of soil moisture probes to establish groundwater recharge rates (DoW, Iluka Resources)
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